Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack (70 Watt)

Owl Outdoor LED Wall Pack (70 Watt)

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The Owl Pack™ is our exclusive series of outdoor LED flood lights made in the USA, ideal for replacing the inefficient High Intensity Discharge (HID) floods over stairs, parking lots, garages, tunnels, or any other building exterior.  A 70W LED flood comparable to a typical 150W security light, the Owl Pack is ideal for parking, loading docks, service stations, and other building exteriors.

Each unit offers remarkable energy and maintenance savings compared to traditional HID lighting, providing an economically-sensitive retrofit solution to reduce your operating costs.

Our waterproof LED flood light delivers outstanding brightness, efficiency and longevity, thanks to the  Vero™ array inside. This cutting edge technology from Bridgelux increases lumens per Watt 20% over previous lighting class LEDs. Rated IP65, each unit is fully weatherproof and backed by a 5 year warranty. Stop wasting time and money on outdated HID floods with high Wattage and high failure rates! Upgrade to the Owl™ Outdoor LED Wall Pack and enjoy what's out there.

Bridgelux Vero Array
This single chip light source delivers higher lumens per Watt in a crisp beam of light. Its elegant chip-on-board design reduces solder points, fortifying the overall construction of the fixture.

Ventilation System
The buildup of water vapor, solid particles, and oxidation (all byproducts of functioning electrical systems) can fog up the optics enclosing the LED and lead to premature failure for the entire unit. The smart, microporous membranes of the Owl Pack vents prevent the ingress of harmful dust and gas into the fixture while allowing water vapor to escape.

Copper Tubes & Aluminum Heat Sink
These lightweight, highly conductive materials are ideal for passively dissipating heat, extending the service life of the entire unit. Their malleability reduces production costs on our end, and we pass these savings on to you!

Brightness: 6,896 lumens
Wattage: 70 Watts
Compares to: 150 Watt HID
LED Chip: Bridgelux Vero-29
Input Voltage: 100~277VAC
Life Span: 95,000 hours
Dimensions: Fixture: 9.9 x 9.9 x 4.6"
Protection Rating: Outdoor Rated IP65, DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List at 120V
Unit Weight: 10 lb.
Warranty: 5 years

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