LED Zeta Star Cable Lighting Kit

Zeta Star Cable LED Lighting Kit

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The Zeta's streamlined styling, satin-nickel finish and bullet tail add dynamic, fast forward energy to any room. An angled, top-brimmed bulb frame puts a lid on light spill while a curved bridge links base and frame for an extra touch of space-age retro-futurism.

The Zeta Star LED cable lighting system features satin nickel spotlights suspended between parallel cables. Includes adjustable fixtures, LED MR16 bulbs (8W each; one per fixture), your choice of dimmable 12V power supply, and mounting hardware.

  • Includes Energy Star rated LED MR16s
  • Low maintenance: 50,000-hour L70 lifespan
  • Energy saving: 8W bulbs equivalent to 50W halogen
  • Cuttable cables enable wide range of installation styles
  • Fixtures are manually adjustable to change spotlit/wall washing areas

Using 1/6th the electricity and lasting 20 times longer than their halogen equivalents, LED bulbs are the smartest, most money-saving solution for overhead & spot lighting. Our Star Cable LED Track Lighting system is extremely user-friendly and endlessly customizable, making it easier than ever to introduce low voltage, low Wattage, high performance LED lighting to any home or business.

Note: The LED bulbs included are dimmable only with the Dimmable LED Remote Power Supply and a low-voltage magnetic dimmer.

Each kit includes:

  • Star Cable fixtures (Choose the number of light fixtures from the menu) (Decorative Driver up to 7 fixtures, Remote Driver up to 12 fixtures)
  • LED MR16 bulbs (8 Watt, compares to 50 Watt halogen MR16, one per fixture) (Choose the color temperature and degree of spread from the menu)
  • A pair of power feeds (3 feet of insulated cable, connects cables to power supply)
  • 40 feet uninsulated cable (yields 2 cables up to 20 feet long)
  • Mounting hardware (Eco Pack Mounting hardware) (wall to wall)
  • Your choice o