LED Omega Star Cable Lighting Kit

Omega Star Cable LED Lighting Kit

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The Omega's simple geometric elements create an intriguing visual harmony even as they bring light to wherever it's needed. Large and small satin nickel cylinders team up to house the bulb below a rakishly angled and tapered bar. A serpentine length of silver cord provides power to the bulb base while a pair of ultra-thin metal flanges hold the bulb securely in place.

The Omega Star LED cable lighting system features satin nickel spotlights suspended between parallel cables. Includes adjustable fixtures, LED MR16 bulbs (8W each; one per fixture), your choice of dimmable 12V power supply, and mounting hardware.

  • Includes Energy Star rated LED MR16s
  • Low maintenance: 50,000-hour L70 lifespan
  • Energy saving: 8W bulbs equivalent to 50W halogen
  • Cuttable cables enable wide range of installation styles
  • Fixtures are manually adjustable to change spotlit/wall washing areas

Using 1/6th the electricity and lasting 20 times longer than their halogen equivalents, LED bulbs are the smartest, most money-saving solution for overhead & spot lighting. Our Star Cable LED Track Lighting system is extremely user-friendly and endlessly customizable, making it easier than ever to introduce low voltage, low Wattage, high performance LED lighting to any home or business.

Note: The LED bulbs included are dimmable only with the Dimmable LED Remote Power Supply and a low-voltage magnetic dimmer.

Each kit includes:
  • Star Cable fixtures (Choose the number of light fixtures from the menu) (Decorative Driver up to 7 fixtures, Remote Driver up to 12 fixtures)
  • LED MR16 bulbs (8 Watt, compares to 50 Watt halogen MR16, one per fixture) (Choose the color temperature and degree of spread from the menu)
  • A pair of power feeds (3 feet of insulated cable, connects cables to power supply)
  • 40 feet uninsulated cable (yields 2 cables up to 20 feet long)
  • Mounting hardware (Eco Pack Mounting hardware) (wall to wall)
  • Your choice of:
    • Non-Dimmable Decorative LED Driver (60 Watt max. 12V)
    • Dimmable Remote LED Power Supply (Compatible with low-voltage magnetic dimmer switches)