Flex II Track And Stem Bundle

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Product description
Accessory for Flex II track lighting system.

These are included:
  • A 10-foot long Flex II track (Satin-Nickel finish)
  • 6x 5-inch ceiling stems (Satin-Nickel finish)
  • 2x Flex II end caps
Charmer. The serpentine Flex II offers the latest in track lighting technology. Experiment with forming 10 flexible feet of track into any shape you can bend, twist, or mold.

Our competitors only offer 4 and 8 foot lengths of track, which are more resistant to shaping and don't allow the same variety of options. Plus, if you need to store your Flex II track, it can be wrapped into a coil only 12 inches in diameter! Easy to install and care for; innovative in its design and capabilities.