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What is RDSL?

RDSL service is a computer, connected to the internet via a custom router, additional software on our systems allows you to obtain new IP address within few seconds. The word Remote means, that you can access and control RDSL server from any place in the world. But websites will see you as a regular user with Texas IP address. Each computer is dedicated, meaning you can store any business information there.

What people use RDSL for?

RDSL is suitable for different internet marketing tatics, which requires you to have an account:

  1. Classified Advertising – Craigslist, Backpage
  2. Online Shopping and Sales: Amazon, Ebay
  3. Social Media Marketing: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Google
  4. SEO services

How do I get access to your system?

We use Team Viewer on each system in order to get access to the system. So please make sure to download Team Viewer before subscribing. https://www.teamviewer.com

How do I report a problem with my connection?

If your RDSL system went offline, please wait at least 10-15 minutes. There is a special script running which will reset it if the connection is broken. If it still doesn’t come up, please send us an email about your problem to ray_anaya2 at yahoo dot com or message us on Skype: "ray.anaya.2". We are unavailable from 10pm CDT -5 - 7:30am CDT -5.

How do I change my IP and how long does it take?

We have written a custom script which is located on the desktop named “newip.bat” to obtain a new IP from the provider. It usually takes up to 5- 10 seconds to get new IP address.

Am I allowed to install my own software?

Yes, you may install your own software, you have full admin right of your system. But keep in mind if you mess something up on the system and aren't able to fix it on your own you will be charged a $75 service charge for us to fix it. If your system is "shutdown" by your mistake you will need us to turn it on, sometimes we can't get to it right away so you have to wait until we are physically near the system.

What if I run illegal programs for do illegal things?

Under no circumstances are you allowed to run illegal programs or do anything illegal. If you are caught your system will be locked and you will not receive a refund.